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Burnout Self-Assessment

12-Points for Self-Evaluation

By Dr. Donna Goldstein


  1. Do you tire more easily?  Feel fatigued rather that energetic?

  2. Are people you normally like annoying you lately?

  3. Are you working harder and harder and accomplishing less and less?

  4. Are you increasingly cynical, or disenchanted?

  5. Are you often invaded by a sadness you canít explain?

  6. Are you forgetting appointments, deadlines, personal possessions (keys)?

  7. Are you increasingly irritable?  More short-tempered? 
    Disappointed in the people around you?

  8. Are you too busy to keep up with routine things like phone calls, e-mails, or birthday cards?

  9. Are you seeing close friends and family members less frequently?

  10. Are you suffering from physical complaints (fatigue, aches and pains, eyestrain, headaches, a lingering cold, etc.)?

  11. When you go to your closet do you tend to choose darker or muted colors like black, grey or beige?

  12. Have any of your friends, loved ones or colleagues expressed concern about your health and wellness?


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