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Meet our Coaches, Speakers and Associates


Areas of specialty, as noted below:

Lifestyle, Health and Wellness

Career and Life Direction

Media and Communications Coach

Professional , Business and Sales

Dr. Donna Goldstein

Managing Director


Areas of specialty:

Lifestyle/Health/Wellness, Career/Life-Direction, Professional/Business/Sales

Dr. Donna is a dynamic coach, entrepreneur, speaker, author and educator with over 25 years experience in the field of human resources.  She has contributed to over 20 books on human resources and organizational development.  Dr. Donna's list of publications.

The founder and Managing Director of Development Associates International, she serves as a catalyst for individuals, teams and organizations worldwide and guides our team of a dozen talented coaches and consultants.

Whether helping busy execs to recover from burnout, major corporations to improve their customer service, or assisting entrepreneurs to grow their business, Dr. Donna excels at bringing out the best in people and organizations.

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Richard Israel

Senior Coach


Areas of specialty:

Career/Life-Direction, Professional/Business/Sales

Richard Israel is a consultant, trainer and speaker who is the originator of Inner Modeling, a learning process used in the changing of behavior and covert belief systems.  He integrates leading-edge brain research with his sales and marketing experience to help you achieve consistently outstanding results.  More than one and a half million people across four continents have been trained with his material.

Richard is the author and co-author of nine books, including Sales Genius, The Brainsmart Leader, SuperSellf [sic], The Vision, Brain Sell (the best-seller which has been translated into twenty languages), How to think Creatively, and Your Mind at Work.  His work has been acclaimed by the international media, including Business Week, Success Magazine, Training & Development, The Miami Herald and The New York Sunday Times.

He is a popular speaker at business and training conferences around the world and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows.  Today he is the President of Inner Modeling Inc., Vice-President of Dottino Consulting Group Inc., a partner in The Quicksilver Group and an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Monica Pierre

Senior Coach


Areas of specialty:

Media/Communications Coach, Professional/Business/Sales, Career/Life-Direction

Monica Pierre is an Emmy award winning journalist, speaker, author, producer and actress.  She has over 25 years of in-depth frontline experience in radio, TV and theatre.  Her morning radio show has been at the top of the charts in New Orleans for over 10 years.  She coaches politicians, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals of all types on enhancing their media savvy and becoming more comfortable and effective on radio and TV.  Her inspiring “Motivational Moment” segments have achieved nationwide acclaim.

Monica is a consummate talk show host, able to bring out the best in her clients and helping them project a powerful and engaging presence.  She has produced a number of exceptional CD’s.  (You can hear an excellent sample of her work on Dr. Donna’s soon-to-be released CD.)  As a media coach, Monica can help you to get more media coverage and make the most of the coverage you get.

Monica lives in New Orleans where she owns a PR/media relations firm with her husband Paul.

Dr. Donna's new CD and other products in our WebStore. 

Dr. Kathryn Mickle

Senior Coach


Areas of specialty:

Lifestyle/Health/Wellness, Career/Life-Direction, Professional/Business/Sales

Dr. Kathryn Mickle is a multifaceted psychologist and coach with over 25 years of experience,  who blends the best of Eastern and Western disciplines in her practice.

An author, seminar leader, university professor, hypno-therapist, family mediator and Feng Shui practitioner, she has helped thousands of people to reduce stress, build self confidence and overcome self defeating behaviors.

Kathryn lives in South Florida, has also owned several businesses and is adept at coaching people in each of our key coaching areas.

Dr. Colleen P. Braun, C. Psych.

Senior Coach


Areas of specialty:

Lifestyle/Health/Wellness, Career/Life-Direction, Professional/Business/Sales

Dr. Colleen Braun is a clinical psychologist, family therapist, university professor, and coach with over 25 years of experience  assisting individuals and corporations world wide.

Colleen often assists individuals in addressing health and wellness issues and is an  internationally recognized expert on global effectiveness.  She brings a wealth of  knowledge, compassion and personal experience to her clients in each of our key coaching areas.

Colleen lives in Calgary and divides her time between Canada and central Michigan. 

Dr. Helen Masin

Senior Coach


Areas of specialty: Lifestyle/Health/Wellness

Dr. Helen Masin gets people of all ages movin’ n' groovin.’  A longtime advisor  and counselor to students with over 20 years experience as a university professor and practitioner of physical therapy,

Helen has helped thousands of  medical and other professionals and clients improve their health and quality of life.  With a PhD in Educational Leadership and certification as a Neurolinguistic Psychology (NLP) Practitioner, she  helps her clients create life balance. 

She resides and teaches in Miami FL where she enjoys a  wide variety of physical activities including  wind surfing, biking, roller-blading, snorkeling and belly dance.

Lois Danis, M.A.

Associate Coach


Areas of specialty:

Lifestyle/Health/Wellness, Career/Life-Direction, Professional/Business/Sales

Lois Danis is an astute  and engaging educator, coach, university professor  and administrator  with over 20 years of experience,  assisting thousands of individuals and dozens of  teams in  corporate, governmental and educational settings. 

A specialist in both individual and organizational performance improvement, Lois has the unique ability to relate to people at all levels of organizations and in all walks of life.

A former vocational counselor, Lois lives in South Florida and assists our clients with both career development and professional  issues.

Thea Basis, B.A.

Associate Coach


Area of specialty: Lifestyle/Health/Wellness


Thea Basis is a gifted holistic health coach and educator, intuitive counselor,  and certified fitness  instructor, with  over 20 years of experience helping people create happier , healthier lives.

During the past 6 years she has counseled over a 1,000 guests at the internationally acclaimed Canyon Ranch Resort and  Spa.  Thea’s   holistic approach to wellness, incorporates cognitive and behavioral principles, time management skills, stress reduction and visualization techniques.

Thea lives in beautiful Berkshire County, Mass. and helps clients to improve their lifestyles, health and wellness.


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