August 16, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Development Associates International

Dr. Donna Goldstein of International Development Associates began working with Ocean Club Resorts in the Winter of 2000. Dr. Goldstein customized and developed a Customer Service training course for all levels of our management and staff, aimed at improving the quality of service we offer all of our guests. The material she presented was very well received by our staff, who responded positively to her interactive training methods. Dr. Goldstein specializes in adapting her material to address the specific needs of each group. Over 95% of those staff who participated in this program rated it as "Highly Effective".

We have greatly appreciated the time and effort that Dr. Goldstein has expended to address the specific needs of Ocean Club Resorts. Her personal touch and willingness to help us find solutions to our concerns have been remarkable. She has provided much needed Human Resource support for myself, and our Human Resource Manager. Her innovative approach to team building and coaching has had positive results within our management structure. Dr Goldstein has also developed a "Host" program, which has tremendous opportunities in many areas of our company. She has held training for our Food and Beverage Wait Staff, focusing on Suggestive Selling, with the end result being increased sales and tips. As a result of her efforts, we are seeing an increase in the number of positive comments from our guests, as they relate to our staff and customer service.

In addition, Professor Howard Houssen of Development Associates International recently completed a customized Introductory Supervisor's Course with all of our Supervisory Staff. Through role plays and demonstrations, Professor Houssen was able to assist our Supervisors in their ability to confidently assume the responsibilities of their positions. We are hopeful he will return to continue further training with our Supervisors.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Dr. Goldstein, and would be pleased to recommend both her and Development Associates International. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

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