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Frequently Asked Questions About
Development Associates International

Who are we?

We are a world-wide virtual team of skilled and experienced consultants from a variety of fields including business, sales, organizational development, intercultural relations, human resources, and instructional design, led by Dr. Donna Goldstein. 

Dr. Donna is an internationally recognized corporate and cross-cultural psychologist, trainer and speaker – an expert on innovation, organizational vitality, emotional intelligence, executive resilience, and other cutting edge topics.  Read Dr. Donna's biography.

How can we help you?

More Balance.  More Focus.  More Sanity.

We understand that every organization has its own distinct habits, behaviors, and communication styles.  At Development Associates International we help organizations of all sizes create more sanity by helping you assess what is working and what isn’t.  With your input, we design a customized approach to address your issues. 

Depending on your strengths and development needs, this can range from a powerful one to two hour skill-building training session to a one to two day team-building session or an in-depth year-long organizational change project. 

We support you through each step of the way to ensure that you have achieved your goals and that you are satisfied with every outcome. 

What is our approach?

Our team will take the time to understand your needs, values, and goals to design a customized approach.  We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions.  We draw from experience in hundreds of organizations to uncover the root of the problem and to help you eliminate obstacles which may be keeping you from attaining your goals. 

We believe that it takes an experienced and perceptive outsider to be able to look beyond the presenting problem to discover what is really happening.  Then, in partnership with you, we develop a step-by-step approach to address the issues and to create an effective solution to support you in accomplishing your objectives.

How are we different?

If you choose Development Associates International you can be confident that your consultant will have an uncommon depth and breadth of experience and insight.  Dr. Donna and all of our staff have advanced or terminal degrees and at least twenty years of experience in several sectors.  

We are all published and considered experts in our field.  Most importantly, we are committed and uniquely tuned into making a difference in organizations and in our world. 

What sort of changes have our clients experienced?

Coaching Clients

Higher level of health and balance
Greater prosperity
Improved relationships & interpersonal skills
Better stress management
Enhanced emotional intelligence

Corporate and Non-Profit Consulting Clients

Better customer service
Improved staff satisfaction
Greater productivity and profit
Reduced turnover
Better team work
More effective relationships across cultures


Development Associates International's clients have included over 300 organizations world-wide, of all sizes from global corporations to entrepreneurial ventures, representing many industries, including: Barclays Bank, Kimberly-Clark, Seiko, Marriott Hotels, MTV Networks, Cayman Airways, Avaya, Motorola, UPS, Jefferson Pilot Communications, The Sun Sentinel, Mobil Oil, and IBM.

The firm has also provided training and curriculum development for over 25 universities and school systems and 45 government agencies including the Centers for Disease Control, the Dept. of Transportation, the City of Deerfield and Palm Beach County.

Dr. Donna, our Managing Director, has also assisted dozens of non-profit and civic organizations, such as the High Museum of Art, Habitat for Humanity, and the March of Dimes.


It’s always better to hear from the clients themselves.
What our clients are saying about our work and about their successes...


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More Balance... More Focus... More Sanity
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