Broward County Government Managers from 6 County Agencies

“Diversity in the Workplace”

June, 2000


Instructors: Dr. Donna Goldstein, Dr. Denise Munoz, and Prof. Luis Morales


Developed and Provided by: Development Associates International




Evaluation Summary       Scores  1 = Lowest
= Highest





Understood information


Will apply information


Met my needs


Instructor effectiveness


Amount of learning




Sample Responses to “Diversity in the Workplace”


Question “Overall, how would you describe this training session?”

    The best course I’ve ever taken since employed by Broward County for 14.5 years!!

    Very entertaining, educational, interesting and insightful

    Informative and user fnendly

    Very good class and instructors


Question — “What did you find most valuable about this training?”

    The difference between each other

    How to love everyone no matter what nationality; to adapt to different cultures; to be kind friendly, and helpful to people of all cultures

    The fact that we could all learn from one another and not judge people

    Learning more cultural differences; how receptive the employees in the class were to the ideas being taught

    The diversity of the group; real world experiences and meeting other people

    Seeing the depth of my own prejudices

    Becoming aware



Question — “Could this training be improved to meet your needs?”

    This course was well organized, presented and the instructors very skilled; keep things going the way they are!

    Yes, by having a 2 day course!! Need more hours!!

    Give this class to all employees


Question — “Would you recommend this training program?” and Comments

    Thanks for symbolizing cultural diversity in your presentation and speakers

    All 3 instructors did a great job; all the different backgrounds really worked!

    Yes, of course. I’m going to tell everyone!!

    This class should be required of all county employees

   Good fun

    Thank you — great!



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