10 Tips for Journaling
tools for self-guidance and expanded creativity

By:  Dr. Donna Goldstein


1.   Find a journal that you like, that looks and feels good to you.  Some people prefer unlined pages – you may also be including doodles or drawings.  Others feel more comfortable with lined pages - try both and see.

2.   Decide on a time each day or evening when you can regularly write.  Try to write every day, or as often as you can.  (Don’t worry about days you miss.)  Soon you’ll look forward to your journaling time and it will become one of your better habits!

3.   Keep your journal and a supply of pens and colored markers by your bedside – these are perfect for capturing dreams, moods and sudden inspiration.

4.   Talk to your journal like a very close friend.  Share your thoughts and feelings, intuitions and dreams, prayers and questions.  It is not intended to be solely a daily chronicle, like a diary, though you may choose to highlight significant events, patterns, and learnings. 

5.   Discuss your privacy needs and trust with anyone who might have access to your journal.  It is meant for your eyes only, unless you choose to share a particular passage with someone else.  (Write illegibly or in code, if you really have privacy concerns.) 

6.   Take your journal to conferences, workshops or spiritual events.  Taking notes and jotting down reflections in your journal will help you to integrate your learnings and inspiration. 

7.   Use your journal to note intuitions and first impressions of people events or situations.  Date your entries and journal covers for easy access and review. 

8.   Consider having separate sections for your spiritual and personal development such as affirmations, goals, blessings, unexpected income, treasure maps, dreams, projects, etc. 

9.   You can add mementoes like photos, letters, ticket stubs, postcards, pictures, articles or quotes – anything that captures the flavor of your life or an experience.

10.  Develop a non-judgmental life review mechanism with your journal as a catalyst.  As you reread your journals you will clearly be able to see miracles, patterns, lessons and more!


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