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The Art of Gracious Gift Giving



Gracious gift-giving doesn’t need to include stress and last-minute rushing!  To reduce holiday stress in a big way, you may want to rethink your gift giving strategies. 


You CAN save money and hassle, even your sanity — and there’s still time!  To help yourself be a more gracious gift-giver this season (and throughout the year) consider these suggestions:


1. Don’t wait till the last minute.  Get in the habit of shopping for gifts all year!  Remember the hobbies, interests and quirks of your colleagues and loved ones — maybe they love watches, elephants, sunflowers or anything hot pink! 

You can often have fun and pick up unique items while you are on holiday or at charity auctions, flea markets or craft fairs, or find them on sale throughout the year.  If you find something you love that you know will make a great gift, buy several.  When I returned from Morocco, I gave many of my friends a set of small ceramic shoes, meant to bless travelers, which they still cherish.  Keep your finds in a special closet or cupboard and label each gift with the name of the intended recipient.  They’ll be glad you did — and so will you!


2. Give gift certificates or pre-paid gift cards for things your loved ones will enjoy and appreciate throughout the year, like massages, facials, pedicures and other pamperings.  Or how about travel, florists, books, sporting equipment, restaurants, hotel stays, home improvement, theatre, concert or even movie tickets?  Perhaps you know of something a co-worker is dying to try, like a cooking class, jet ski ride or pottery class.  Prepaid gift cards rank high up on most lists of preferred gifts — you can be certain they’ll be delighted with their gift! 

One of my clients just called about giving a series of private coaching sessions to her Mom, who’s been under lots of stress.  What a great idea!  Email or call me to discuss how you can give the gift of personal coaching to someone you care about.  Special introductory packages are available. or 954-893-0123.


3. Use your own creativity to show you care (and use your ingenuity to leave the malls behind)!  Consider giving certificates for your own personal services – ways to make a loved one or friend’s life easier. 

Make sure it’s something you enjoy making or doing!  How about internet searches, house-sitting, closet organizing, dog walking or sitting, plant care, baby or elder sitting, calligraphy, photography, preparing meals or baking are just a few  choices.


4. For the person with everything (or a big heart) give a gift to a charity in their honor.  For example your local homeless center, the Red Cross, the Special Olympics. 

One of my favorites is the Heifer Project  It allows you to buy pairs of animals, like goats or chickens, for needy families in developing countries.  I have given these special gifts for holidays and special occasions for many years.  It’s a mitzvah (blessing) for the sender and receiver too! 

My stepmother’s name is Bunny, so I buy bunnies in her honor!  (I’m sure they have multiplied by now into hundreds, maybe even thousands of rabbits for disadvantaged families worldwide.)  Many charities and museums have beautiful holiday cards and decorations to sell.  UNICEF's are always favorites for all ages!


5. Simplify your life and your gift wrapping.  Your gifts can still look special but in a third the time if you use gifts bags or pre-wrapped boxes.  Choose one elegant, all-purpose wrapping with matching gift tags and fancy bows for all your gifts. 


6. The gift of your time and attention is often the one most appreciated!  If you are more relaxed and balanced you can be more present when you give your presents!  Think about who needs or would appreciate your love and, even more important, remember to think about how can you best love YOURSELF this holiday season!




Perhaps one of the nicest gifts you could give yourself this season is personal coaching.  Give me a call and I’ll give you a gift of a free introductory session!


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or the Winter Solstice,
I hope this season and the year to come will be full of joy, wonder and meaning for you!


Richest Blessings,
          Dr. Donna



Dr. Donna Goldstein, Executive Director of Development Associates International, has helped thousands of individuals to live more balanced and fulfilled lives.  She has contributed to 20 books on personal and professional growth.  She is available via telephone for personal coaching no matter where you are!  Email or call her now!


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