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Happy New Year!  Welcome to Discoveries for January-2005.


It’s a brand new year and a good time to review the last year and set our compass heading for the coming year.  This past year I brought a life-long dream into fruition, and in looking back on it, I realized that these same steps work universally — below, my “Heroes” Story.  Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any of your friends or colleagues who you think might enjoy or benefit from it!



The “Heroes” Story

Bring Your Dream to Life in Seven Focused Steps 


Have you ever had a dream that remained dormant for a long time?  For many years I pondered the idea of a play on forgotten African-American heroes, set in a portrait gallery, where the portraits actually came to life.  2004 was the year to bring that dream to reality! 


In November 2003 I met Elizabeth Perry, a well known playwright, actress and director.  I soon commissioned her to write and direct The African-American Portrait Gallery: Discovering Timeless Heroes, starring the award winning actor, Larry Robinson. 


This one-man, one-act play was designed to:

·      Introduce audiences to African-American heroes who overcame adversity and triumphed.

·      Provide inspiration and encouragement to children and adults of all races and backgrounds.

·      Provide a community service outreach for my firm, Development Associates International, for schools, arts centers and more.


By the end of 2004, nearly 8,000 people in four states had seen the play!  A play that, just one year earlier was only a dream!  I had produced hundreds of educational events in the course of my career as a speaker, trainer and coach, but never before had I produced a full theatrical production! 


I’ll bet you too have some dreams that you would like to actualize.  What in my experience might be instructive for you?  What helped to make my dream a reality? 

How can you use this process for your own dream or project?





Seven Focused Steps to Bring Your Dream to Life


1. Intention.    Rarely do things ‘just happen.’  A casually arranged meeting with the perfect playwright?  Ok, that seemed to ‘just happen.’  But certainly not the successive steps required to develop and produce real one act play.  My dream had become a subjective intention.  It only took a fortuitous introduction, and it became a conscious intention with an action plan. 


As the project developed, we met with experienced arts educators and funders, directors, community leaders and promoters to clarify our vision, the requirements of staging the play and the needs and constraints of schools and other likely venues and audiences.  We put out the word about this powerful and uplifting play with the intention of creating large and diverse audience appeal.  So, what’s your intention?



2. Seek and Develop Strategic Partnerships.    We looked diligently for individuals and organizations that saw a need for, or would support, our concept.  Over the past year we have partnered with numerous corporations and non-profits as well as educational and community organizations to bring this dream to life. 


The play premiered at a 2004 Black History Month Celebration to a standing-room-only crowd and has played to enthusiastic audiences of all ages ever since! 

Who in your world could help you make your dream a reality?



3. Continuously Upgrade Your Product.    Liz and Larry rehearsed and revised the show tirelessly, adding more humor, interaction and music, adjusting sound cues and deepening the characters.  We recently added sound-overs from Ray Charles.  This Fall we did a show at the Langston Hughes Library in Queens, NY and added a wonderful poem in his honor.  Now we’re even adding multi-media effects. 

How could your dream be even better?



4. Resourcefulness.    Since we started on a shoestring budget, we acquired, made and borrowed our initial props and costumes, sourcing family members, colleagues, friends and even our own closets!  As the show has evolved, we have purchased and commissioned the additional pieces we needed.  What other skills and resources does your dream require?



5. Responsiveness and Flexibility.    Though we had originally planned a show targeted at 4th through 12th graders, we quickly saw that the show was of great interest and relevance to college students and even adults and seniors.  So, we adapted the play and now have versions for both younger and more mature audiences.

Can you adapt your dream in response to your ‘target market?’



6. Give Something Back.    We initially provided free shows to audiences ranging from homeless adults to children in inner-city schools and children's art museums.  The phone started to ring soon and we graduated to paid performances!  We still donate several shows a year to worthy audiences. 

How can your dream benefit the greater good?



7. Referrals.    Many of the initial shows were provided to personal and business associates — people who knew of the caliber of my cross-cultural, business and personal coaching work or knew Liz or Larry’s reputation from the theater.  Later, referrals have come from individuals who had seen or heard about the show or had read one the three terrific full-page reviews.  See press clippings

What’s the buzz on your dream?  

Could you generate more interest and referrals?





We’ve now staged the play everywhere from classic proscenium theaters to school cafeterias — it’s wonderfully portable.  We’ve played to young school children and senior center clients.  We’ve even flown with the play packed into check-through baggage, so we can literally do it anywhere! 


To learn more about "Heroes" visit  Please contact us directly for information about booking the show for your venue or in your locale.  You’ll find a schedule of upcoming dates on our web site. 


My mother recently gave me a cap, which said “Producer,” and I guess I really am wearing another hat now!  Clients are now asking what other shows or programs we have available — and that brings me back to step one.  What’s your dream?  Is this the year to make it a reality?



          Richest blessings for bringing your dreams alive in 2005!

          Dr. Donna




Dr. Donna Goldstein is a Life and Career Success Coach who assists individuals, teams and organizations to discover and grow into their potential.  It’s not unusual for her clients to make truly dramatic changes — including huge increases in income!  In her personal coaching practice she has helped clients excel in many ways: starting new businesses, completing books, videotapes, CD’s and other projects, finding renewed passion in their careers and passionately creating new careers.  Read what her some of clients say about their results


To book a consultation to discuss your big (or little) dream or your goals for 2005 email Dr. Donna or call her at 954-893-0123.  For a free copy of Dr. Donna’s powerful approach to goal setting for your 2005 goals, visit her Resource Library.


Please feel free to send us your comments on our newsletter or our web site — we’d like to know what you think.  And if you’ve got an inspiring story or some great strategies for bringing your dreams to life, send them to us and you might see them in a future newsletter.




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© 2005 Development Associates International.  This material may be copied freely
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Dr. Donna Goldstein, Life and Career Success Coach

Development Associates International s 3389 Sheridan St #309 s Hollywood FL  33021

954-893-0123 s Fax: 954-893-0170  s


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