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Personal insights, ideas and ah-ha’s for living creatively
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Courageous Living

Life lessons from Emily Carr, pioneering Canadian artist


 March 2005



Summary.  This newsletter will highlight five lessons, from the biography of renowned Canadian artist Emily Carr, for living a courageous and fulfilling life.



Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Spring greetings! 


I find myself constantly on the lookout for engaging examples of skills and techniques for living and working with satisfaction.  After all, I’m a personal coach and corporate psychologist and consultant!  Many of my observations find their way into my seminars and workshops as organized activities or worksheets. 


I see this newsletter as an informal way to share these observations, insights, ideas and ah-ha’s — literally my Discoveries — with my clients, friends and colleagues and with website visitors in cyberspace who are just becoming familiar with my work and that of my colleagues at Development Associates.


Suggested reading.  For my clients who are seeking to enhance their personal and professional development, I often suggest biographies as a way to become immersed in life of someone else.  It’s a way to step outside the envelope of familiarity and dive into another set of challenges and triumphs, fine-tuning our skills and learning from the strengths and insights of others. 


I recently poured over a fabulous novel on Emily Carr, a pioneering Canadian artist (1871-1945) who overcame the confines of Victorian culture to become a major force in modern art.  


Susan Vreeland’s The Forest Lover, a fascinating piece of historical fiction, carried me back to times when women rarely left hearth and home.  It swept me into the life of an extraordinarily creative, adventurous and eccentric woman. 


Her life was a quest for personal and artistic authenticity.  She left us with some of the finest representations of the native peoples and landscapes of British Columbia before industrialization would change them forever. 





Five ground-breaking life lessons
from a courageous woman


I gleaned five important lessons from her life that I think you’ll also find useful:


1. She had a passion.  From an early age Emily Carr felt a deep desire to explore the beauty and mystery of Native American cultures.  She often hiked alone deep into the forests and wilds of Canada to capture images of totem poles and other sacred objects.  She felt compelled to paint them before they were gone.


What’s your passion?  Even if it doesn’t make sense to others, or even to yourself, what do you feel ‘called’ to do?  When and how can you start?



2. She withstood disapproval and criticism and even ostracism from her peers and family.  Many derided her for painting “savages and their idols” and using outlandish colors and bizarre perspectives.  While respectable women painters stayed in their parlors painting flowers and still-lifes, Emily Carr set out on adventure quests, rode mules, rented dug-out canoes, backpacked, and hired native guides to take her to places where, except for occasional missionaries, few white people, much less women, had ever been. 


Have you let yourself be dissuaded or influenced by others who don’t see the beauty or value of your dreams?



3. She continuously improved her craft.  Not satisfied being a competent realistic painter, she traveled to England and later France, to study the modern painting techniques and approaches of her day.  Though her works were beginning to gain some stature in Europe, she ultimately returned to the forests she loved so well to paint them with new eyes and a bold, unusual approach.  


Steven Covey talks about "sharpening the saw."  How are you continuing to hone your unique gifts and talents? 





I have a client who used to love to pursue her art but found that she lost a spark in her life when she gave it up for the rigors and long hours of the corporate world.  This year I encouraged her to take the time to make her own Valentines and her family and friends are still raving!



4. Emily Carr supported her passion and kept it alive.  Over the years she tried many other ways to earn a living and explore her creativity, though painting was clearly her passion.  In tough economic times before her work was recognized,  she kept herself afloat teaching watercolor painting, breeding dogs, running a rooming house and producing many other crafts such as pottery and rug-making.  Eventually, she came to be recognized as an author as well.


How else can you use your gifts?  Many actors make wonderful acting teachers and coaches.  A good English teacher might make an excellent website editor - or vice versa! 



5. She kept her integrity.  With her diligent and respectful ways, she earned the trust and honor of a number of the native tribes.  Though she might have ‘sold-out’ when native art came into vogue in Canada, she chose not to exploit or commercialize her relationships or the sacred artifacts she longed to preserve.  Her distinctive work revealed a unique spiritualism and a special connection to the land and its people.  Today, you can experience her work in many of Canada’s best-known anthropological and art museums as well as the finest galleries.


What will you do to ensure that your unique voice or vision is heard?



Perhaps you’d like to do some research on Emily Carr or other pioneers.  Every culture has those who demonstrate a unique vision or voice.  Many pass on in obscurity, as Emily Carr nearly did.



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Since my last newsletter in January, I’ve completed a six-week run of the The African American Portrait Gallery: Discovering Timeless Heroes show.  27 shows in 22 venues from South Florida to Boston — Whew!  

Even as I’ve pursued the satisfaction of my passion, it’s been nice to hear from so many of you.  It’s gratifying to know that the steps I articulated on how to take a dream to reality were relevant in your lives.  Later this year I’ll report on some of your results!  

Several readers mentioned that they even printed-out the Seven Focused Steps to keep for handy reference.  (Did you know that you can highlight a selection of text on a web page and print only the <Selection> from the [File/Print] menu?)

Previous newsletters are archived on our website.




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It’s my intention that, as our website grows, you will find ever more tips and suggestions for finding your balance and moving toward living the courageous life of your dreams.  Almost every week we’re adding worksheets and other valuable tools from my various workshops and, as my associates and I find books and interesting links on the web, we’re adding these and other helpful resources to my online Resource Library.


Please feel free to send me your comments on my newsletter or web site — I’d like to know what you think.  And if you’ve got an inspiring story or some great strategies for bringing your dreams to life, send them to me and you just might see them in a future newsletter.


To discuss ways that I, or any of our associates, can personally help you live or uncover the passion of your dreams in your life and career, please contact me directly or through our website.


Richest blessings, 

          Dr. Donna



Dr. Donna L. Goldstein is considered a leading authority on innovation, organizational vitality, emotional intelligence, executive resilience and other cutting-edge topics in organizations today. She is a respected corporate psychologist and executive coach and is the Managing Director of Development Associates International, a human resource consulting and training group that helps organizations and teams to improve service, productivity, retention and profits. Dr. Goldstein and her associates work as catalysts, enabling organizations to maximize the potential of their staff and boards.
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