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Holiday Greetings!

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The Gift We Give of Ourselves

It’s been some time since I’ve written to you.  Much has happened in South Florida, including a few storms, as you may have heard!  Even as busy as I am, with getting the parts of my house that blew away replaced and a full professional schedule, Thanksgiving always brings me back to my personal touchstone.

As difficult as it is coordinating the insurance and getting the repairs, as frustrating as it is going for days, even weeks without water, electricity or even traffic lights — I look at life after other recent disasters, much worse, and think ‘thank heavens!’ 

I noticed that within a day or two after the storm blew literally every leaf and palm frond away, there were green shoots coming out everywhere I could look.  The nature of Nature is to thrive and survive with a resiliency to keep going forward.  Being part of Nature, we share all those characteristics. 

Yes, Mother Nature occasionally comes along with a broom for housecleaning, but afterwards, that new growth happens, somehow even better than before.  Growth and creativity only happen in the cauldron of chaos and change.  It’s helpful to me to bring myself back to the realization that my distress is nothing more than the interval between one time of balance and another, that my distress is the feeling of healing — the worst has already happened and this is how it feels while the new is growing.

For me, there is a great peace and comfort in surrendering to my true center of gravity.  It’s a place of compassion that can be the point of contact for everyone I come in contact with — a smile and a kind word to the harried checkout clerk, patience in a long line of frustrated holiday shoppers, and extra long hug for my partner. 


Unlike Nature’s storms, holiday stress, is something we create so we have complete choice in the matter!  Conscious choice is the key concept here.  It’s a choice to start shopping early, or not.  It’s a choice to find compassion for ourselves, or let our frustrations run amuck.  It’s a choice to share that compassion as we go through our day. 

And it’s all a gift to ourselves!  Try it — remember to have a smile and a few friendly words of understanding with the next frustrated clerk you encounter, an extra smile of encouragement for your assistant, a smile of welcome and greeting for your coworkers in the morning — you’ll find it changes your entire day!  It feels so remarkable, that it snowballs and you keep remembering to do it again and again!  Pretty soon that becomes a new habit.



You’ll find more tips, guides and worksheets of Self-Improvement and Living and Working in Balance in our online Resource Library.



Speaking of Gifts, I have a holiday gift for you —
a vacation in Hawaii!

Yes!  One of my clients had collected incredible video footage of the magnificent natural settings in Hawaii.  I executive produced a video tape with him with beautiful, calming music and breathtaking scenery from dawn to dusk in this crucible of natural creativity.

We’ve added this video to our web store and as a special gift to you and our web visitors, I’ve had the tape edited to a 4 minute streaming video for an “Instant Vacation.”  View it now.  Bookmark the link in your Favorites and in the middle of your busy day at the office, or the rush to read email before you need to take the kids someplace, click on this link and relax into the Aloha Relaxation Meditation. 

¹ 3:33 Min. Windows media format.
Here’s your gift, click on your connection speed

Dial-Up (WMV 1 MB)  Broadband (WMV 12 MB)



Books and tapes are gifts that keep on giving throughout the year and you’ll find more great items in our online store for gifting.  You’ll find links to books and videos by Dr Joan Borysenko, a self-described recovering Perfectionist and Over-Achiever.  You can also watch a video clip from her PBS special as she describes how she spent a year of coaching with me.  What she learned for herself applies to us all.


One of the gifts I give every year are SPOGA exercise tapes.  Using techniques and moves from yoga, dance and other traditions, Melinda Lee and her team have created a unique workout experience that nearly everyone can and will want to do!

I’ve given this DVD to so many clients and friends over the holidays that I’ve included it in my Web Store!  Similar to my own experience, they really enjoy it and report increased vitality, stamina and physical and mental alertness and flexibility.



 Our website continues to grow and you’ll find new tips and suggestions for finding more balance and satisfaction in your work and personal life.  Almost every week we’re adding worksheets and other valuable tools from my various workshops and, as my associates and I find books and interesting links on the web, we’re adding these and other helpful resources to my online Resource Library.

 I welcome your comments on my newsletter or web site — I’d really like to know what you think.  And if you’ve got an inspiring story or some great strategies that have worked for you for bringing your dreams to life, send them along — you just might see them in a future newsletter.

 To discuss ways that I, or any of our associates, can personally help you live or uncover the passion of your dreams in your life and career, please contact me directly or through our website.

 Richest blessings, 
          Dr. Donna


Dr. Donna L. Goldstein is considered a leading authority on innovation, organizational vitality, emotional intelligence, executive resilience and other cutting-edge topics in organizations today.  She is a respected corporate psychologist and executive coach and is the Managing Director of Development Associates International, a human resource consulting and training group that helps organizations and teams to improve service, productivity, retention and profits.  Dr. Goldstein and her associates work as catalysts, enabling organizations to maximize the potential of their staff and boards.
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 Dr Donna is also a Personal Life and Career Success Coach who personally assists executives, managers, entrepreneurs and individuals to discover and grow into their potential.  It’s not unusual for her clients to make truly dramatic changes — including increases in income or sales!  In her personal coaching practice she has helped clients excel in many ways: starting new businesses, completing books, videotapes, CD’s and other projects, finding renewed effectiveness in their careers and creating ones.  Read what her some of coaching clients have to say about their results.

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