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Audio CD $29.95
Pre-publication price $19.95 
postage included

Career Tune-Up
Dr. Donna Goldstein
Find your passion with the career of your dreams.
Enhanced Audio CD. 

Dr Donna has specially recorded an audio self-guided workshop incorporating simple exercises that can produce some surprising results. 

These are unique and innovative and techniques that can help you uncover your passionate interests.  She then suggests ways they might be translated into the livelihood of your dreams.

«  Clarify your vision of life and career goals.

«  Discover your direction and where you really want to go
     building on your past successes and challenges. 

«  Plan your career life in balance with your life principles.

«  Access and make the most of your likes, skills and talents.

«  Create and do the work you love.

The enhanced CD also holds printer-ready worksheets and forms from her live workshops.


101 Ways to Improve Your Life

Dr. Donna Goldstein, et. al.,
Selected by David Riklan

Softbound, 395 pages.  $14.95

We all daydream about having a better life, getting more of what we want and more satisfaction out of what we do.  That’s just what this book is about!  To learn more, click here

This collection of wisdom was created by David Riklan, the founder of SelfGrowth.com — the #1 Self Improvement website in the world. 

He’s tapped into the minds of some of the greatest experts of our time, including Dr. Donna, John Gray, Jack Canfield, Richard Carlson, Bob Proctor, Alan Cohen and many others. 

With this collection of tips and techniques you can move, step by step, to a whole new level of living the life of your dreams



VHS Videotape.  Running time 50 minutes.
postage included

Aloha Relaxation Meditation
The Beauty of Relaxation
A soothing meditation to relax your body, refresh your mind and renew your spirit.

David Templeton, premiere videoscape artist, captures the spirit of Aloha in a fifty  minute visual meditation with healing music by Daniel Kobialka.

VHS videotape.
Dr. Donna Goldstein, Executive Producer 

The 4 minute
Desktop Vacation

Watch a sample clip from the
Beauty of Relaxation video tape

¹ 3:33 Min.
Broadband (WMV 12 MB)     Dial-Up (WMV 1 MB) 


Inner Peace for Busy People
Dr. Joan Borysenko
Simple strategies for transforming your life.
VHS Video from her PBS Special 

Dr. Joan Borysenko is a Harvard-trained psychologist and medical researcher and is renowned for her work in mind-body medicine. She's also a recovering perfectionist and this is a charming collection of her tips on how to develop more personal balance: Check your Well Scale, listen to music, take time off every week, pay attention to what you need, and lower your expectations. When things don't go well, don't take it personally, or generalize it, or believe it will be a permanent problem. This is sound advice, delivered with an endearing homespun chattiness that will be hard to resist. By the end of the program, she will become part of your support group, and the kind of mentor and friend every overachiever wants.


Watch a video clip from
Dr. Joan Borysenko's PBS Special
as she tells about
working with Dr. Donna
as her personal coach and her
results of enhanced health
and well-being



¹ 6:15 Min.

Broadband (WMV 23MB)

Dial-Up (WMV 1.9MB) 



Read the magazine article by
Dr. Borysenko describing the results of
her personal coaching with Dr. Donna.



Inner Peace for Busy Women
Dr. Joan Borysenko
Balancing work, family and your inner life.
Audio CD.  Other formats available.


This wise and accessible little book gets to the heart of how busy women can find a center of inner peace even when life is swirling like a cyclone around Them.  We were all taught to think that our external lives need to be balanced in a prescribed way.  Rather, the life in balance is life lived from the inside out. 

While a long bath or a vacation can help, it is the loss of energy to our obsessive thoughts about our lives that creates symptoms of inner disharmony.  Finding authentic balance means learning to take back the power you have given away, and, in the long term, becoming wise. That’s what this book is all about. 





Spoga: Exercise
for Mind and Body


Melinda Lee's 30-Minute
Mind/Body Anti-Aging Workout
for People on the Go

A most welcome workout experience!  This DVD provides an easy and powerful way to start or end your day. Using techniques and moves from yoga, dance and other traditions, Melinda Lee and her team have created a unique workout experience that nearly everyone can and will want to do!

I give this DVD to many clients and friends over the holidays and, similar to my own experience, they really enjoy it and report increased vitality, stamina and physical and mental alertness and flexibility.

I highly recommend the SPOGA DVD's to anyone wanting to enhance their physical and mental well-being and mind/body /spirit connection.                                             -Dr. Donna, March 2005

Simply Spoga® DVD

$24.95 postage included

With soft tabla music playing in the background, Melinda Lee introduces viewers to her style of yoga practice, which she calls "spoga" — spiritual yoga. Lee, who has 20 years of experience teaching yoga, includes spiritual aspects in her yoga-pose instructions.

Melinda 's approach to leading students through exercises is refreshing. She frequently reminds us to stay aware of our breathing while performing poses. With Lee's guidance, we learn to experience the interrelation of body movement, breathing, and state of mind. All three constantly influence each other, Lee says. Useful modifications and easier versions of exercies are shown, allowing students to grow with the practice.

Spoga draws from Hatha, Kundalini and Tibetan yoga, from Pilates, and from aerobics and qigong practices. Exercise routines range from 10 to 30 minutes. Spoga's down -to-earth approach will accommodate a wide range of people, and the routines easily fit into the days of busy professionals.

Spoga® DVD

$24.95 postage included

Spoga® & Simply Spoga®

$40.95 postage included


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