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Referral Partner Bonus:
A Special Offer to Non-Profits

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 What would you do with an extra $500?

As you may know, we get almost all of our clients through referrals from satisfied clients or friends.  We have recently decided to formalize our referral policy as a way to demonstrate our commitment to non-profit and community organizations and thank our referral partners.

 Here is what we’ll do:  

*     When any board or staff member from your agency makes a referral which results in our gaining of a new client, we will credit you with 10% of their billable fees

*     You decide whether you want to use this
credit toward future services, or if you would rather us make a contribution to your agency for that amount.  

*     For example, if you refer us to a corporate or non-profit client who books a $5000 project, you will either receive
$500 in credit toward future services, or, if you prefer,
a $500 contribution to your agency from Development Associates.

Share the benefits of working with
Development Associates
with your friends and associates
and both parties will prosper!



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